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Charles Reese was born on June 28, 1935 at 2:20 P.M. He was delivered by a midwife named L. E. Hoehiss, at 709 West 17th St. at the Ann and Royce Battson's home Vancouver, Washington. His parents were Charles Reese and Ameila Koester. At the time of his birth his father was working at a sawmill and his mother was a housewife. He grew up in Ridgefield Washington and graduated from Ridgefield High School in 1953. He joined the Air National Guard in Portland in 1953 and was discharged in 1961. He married Frances Wann on September 22, 1956 in Longview, Washington at the St. Rose Catholic Church. Officiating the ceremony was Father Edward Boyle and the witnesses were Don De Bruyne and Shirley Nelson. He lived in Longview from 1958 to 1967. During that time, he moved three times in town and had four children. They were Scott, Karen, David, and Mark. He worked as a timekeeper for Weyerhaeuser at Camp Baker, around Mt. St. Helens. He was transferred to Grays River Logging Camp, which was 50 miles west of Longview in 1967. There he was the Timekeeper and in 1974 became the Transportation Foreman for the camp. After he transferred, he moved to Naselle, Washington to be closer to work. There he lived for 16 years. There he started his part-time business doing bookkeeping. Chuck was in the Naselle Volunteer Fire Department and an EMT for the Naselle Volunteer Fire Department ambulance. In 1983, the camp closed down and Chuck was transferred to Cosmopolis and was a parts man in the truck shop for Weyerhaeuser. In 1986 he transferred to Weyerhaeuser's Raymond Truck shop as the partsroom supervisor. He moved from Naselle to South Bend, Washington in 1983, to be closer to work, and that is were he resides now. He retired from Weyerhaeuser in 1990 after working for Weyerhaeuser for 34 years. Chuck had a part-time business doing bookkeeping and tax returns, when he retired from Weyerhaeuser and it became a full time business. In 1996 he sold the income tax part of his business in preparation for retirement, keeping the bookkeeping as a part-time pursuit. And one of his hobbies is collecting and flying kites, he has over 150 kites in his collection. Another hobby is feeding birds & squirrels from feeders around his home. He also likes computers using them in his business and as a hobby surfing the net and building his web page.


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