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2003 - October - Fall Vacation at La Push, WA

by Scott  

October 14, 2003




0905 -  We left a little early for the 10:10 Edmonds to Kingston ferry, as didn?t know what traffic we?d run into on a weekday. We came down Highway 99 then down to the ferry dock. It?s partly cloudy, cool, windy and the water looks pretty choppy.




Quick ferry ride, less than 30 minutes. Just past Port Gamble, traffic came to a halt. Apparently, there was a power pole down just before the Hood Canal bridge. We sat a few minutes, than decided to go back to Port Gamble and be tourists. We stopped at the fruit stand and got some pluots, fresh picked apples and nuts. We walked up to a cemetery overlooking the sound. We found this sentiment on some of the headstones:




A precious one from us is gone


A voice we love is stilled


A place is vacant in our hearts


That never can be filled




It looked like quite a few of the headstones had been vandalized?what kind of person would do something like that? So sad.


We took some pictures, beautiful views. We drove over to a small park overlooking the sound. It?s sunny, beautiful fall colors. We ate our lunch at a picnic table there and watched 2 eagles soaring overhead.




1630 -  We got to LaPush, checked in and unpacked, then went for a walk along the beach. It is cloudy with a little wind, we think the tide is going out. For supper we made pasta with smoked sturgeon and artichokes, along with a spinach salad?great flavors!! The cabin we are renting is right on the ocean, new buildings with windows all across the front so the views of the ocean are fantastic.




October 15, 2003




We got up around 0730 to clouds, rain and wind. We had breakfast and decided to go for a hike in spite of the weather, also we had brought our rain gear along; afterall, it is fall on the peninsula in the Pacific Northwest. We hiked down to Third Beach, about 1.5 miles, then along the beach over to a water fall. We saw deer tracks, but no deer. No eagles though. We got pretty wet, even with our rain gear on. In the pools at the end of the beach there were lots of star fish and sea anemone. Looking out at the ocean we could see quite a few smaller haystack rocks. When we got back to the cabin, we hung up our clothes and had lunch. Looking out the windows, it looks like about 4 brown pelicans flying over the water, having a pretty hard time in the wind. We spent the afternoon reading, I took a 2 hour nap. We decided to go out to the beach at what we thought was high tide. The rain had stopped, but not the wind. We made supper, listened to music, read and had some Haggen Daas ice cream.




October 16, 2003




Boy, did it rain last night; really high winds and heavy rain. I thought we might wake up in Oz. Looking out at the ocean this morning, there are high waves and turbulent waters. The birds are trying to fly, I?m amazed that they make any headway at all.




Scott ran over to the store to get a newspaper so we could see how the play-offs were going, etc. The paper also said it was very windy and rainy, hmm????..big news flash!




We spent the day doing crossword puzzles, playing solitaire, rummy and cribbage plus reading. No phones, no t.v., just quiet.




1730 -  We started making supper and the power went out. The tuna steaks were in the oven, and almost done, so it worked out. We ate by candlelight. The wind has pretty much stopped. It seems odd that the wind blew so fiercely for 24 hours, then died down and then the power went out. Oh well, we have a gas fireplace so we can keep that going.




October 17, 2003




The power came back on around 2200 last night, it?s still raining but blowing less. It looks like the tide is going out, lots of sand in the waves. After we ate and packed our stuff, we walked out to the beach. Incredible!!! Huge trees, branches and debris all up and down the beach. I?m sure there are many treasures mixed in with that debris. We left around 1000, stopped to get a newpaper but there were none. I asked the folks in the store if any one knew the outcome of last night?s game, Boston vs NY and they said NY won-shoot! Hopefully the Marlins (beat out the Chicago Cubs) can give them a run for their money in the World Series.




Just a few miles down the road we came to a stop sign and a road closed sign. Traffic was coming through, but there had been a lot of water over the road for about a mile, probably at high tide. We continued on.




We were detoured off 101 due to a huge mud slide at Lake Crescent. #113 to #112 then back to 101 just outside Port Angeles. These roads had had water on them until just recently, lots of silt on the road and really high, fast moving water in the creeks and rivers. We had lunch at subway in Port Angeles., then stopped at 2 wineries, Black Diamond and Olympic Cellars. We stopped to get gas and got a newpaper; Forks had gotten 7.03 inches of rain in the last 24 hours?no wonder!!




We got the ferry around 1450, it was just unloading.




This was an enjoyable fall vacation, in spite of the weather. Very relaxing, we did get a hike in, and wow, what a storm. But now we?re back in Kansas and headed home.