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2012 - March - Mariners Spring Training - Tucson

by Scott  

March 21 Wednesday We left for Tucson, go in around 1300. We were too early to check-in so had lunch on the patio outside the hotel restaurant. At 1400 they assigned us a room, it was located on the first floor, faced outside and the freeway. This isn?t… more »

2012 - March - Mariners Spring Training - Phoenix

by Scott  

March 17 Saturday 0900 We boarded the shuttle, had a very friendly talkative driver. It was snowing en route to the airport and pretty much a white out when we reached the airport. We were concerned about delays but flights were arriving and leaving… more »

2011 - March - Mariner's Spring Training in Peoria Arizona

by admin  

We did our annual trip to pay homage to the "boys of summer" in Peoria, Arizona in March.  We stayed in a motel which was only 3/4 of mile away from stadium, which is nice since we can walk to the home games. We saw two home games and one away. The away… more »

2004 - March - Mariners Spring Training - Grand Canyon

by Scott  

March 30, 2004 - Tuesday After breakfast, we packed up, checked out and headed for the Grand Canyon, it?s about a 4-hour drive. Check in time is 1600, we got there a little early, but our room was ready-what luck! We settled in, then did some walking ar… more »

2004 - March - Mariners Spring Training - Peoria AZ

by Scott  

March 28, 2004 - Sunday We got up at 0200 (are we nuts?) and the shuttle picked us up at just after 0300. Once we got checked in at America West, we immediately looked for coffee and found a Starbucks. Our flight left on time, 0545 and arrived early… more »