2012 - March - Mariners Spring Training - Phoenix

by Scott  

March 17 Saturday

0900  -  We boarded the shuttle, had a very friendly talkative driver. It was snowing en route to the airport and pretty much a white out when we reached the airport. We were concerned about delays but flights were arriving and leaving without problems.

1130  -  The flight left on time, we flew Southwest which doesn?t have assigned seating so we paid the extra $10 for early boarding so we could sit together.

1530  -  Arrived at the Phoenix airport, got our bags and caught the shuttle to the car rental. The process is very organized with the car rental/return being located a short distance from the airport. There seems to be less congestion and waiting. Scott couldn?t figure out how to start the car, it had a push button, so we got out the manual to figure it out. After the initial gotcha, we had no problem.

We were able to get a room at the Extended Stay America Hotel, it has plenty of room and a small kitchen so we can eat breakfast at the hotel and have a fridge for our hiking lunches. Also, it?s about a mile from the stadium so we can walk back and forth to the game and are close to many restaurants on Bell Street.

It?s quite chilly and cloudy but no rain. We walked to Rock Bottom for supper then stopped at Trader Joe?s to get cereal, milk and fruit, bread, etc. for our hiking lunches. There is a coffee place, not Starbucks, just a short distance so we got out coffee there.

March 18 Sunday

It rained heavily all night, standing water all around, still cloudy this morning. Game time is 1300 so hopefully the rain will stay away. We had breakfast and coffee.

1100  -  It?s sunny now but there are really dark clouds in the distance. We walked to the game, we dressed as warm as we could but hadn?t really brought clothes for temperatures in the 40s. We stopped in the store at the stadium to look for a sweatshirt but everyone else must have had the same idea. We could have gotten a San Diego Padres sweatshirt but that didn?t seem quite right.

The sun stayed out until the 5th inning then the dark clouds started rolling in. It started sprinkling, fans were leaving but we stayed a bit. Then the rain let loose, incredibly heavy plus monsoon-like winds. We headed for the covered concession area along with everyone else. The leaves of the palm trees were all blown to one side of the tree, with all the people gathered together, it wasn?t too cold but certainly chilly. After about 15 minutes the rain let up, the wind continued, but we decided to make a break for it and head back to our hotel. We stopped at Target on the way back so Scott could get some kind of rain protection. I had brought a rain jacket along.

When we got back to the hotel I called Sandi to get my uncle Sherm?s phone number. He and Linda were spending the winter in Arizona and I thought it would be fun to visit them. I got hold of Sherm, we planned to go to their house the next day after the game.

We didn?t leave the hotel again until supper, the rain had let up so we walked to On the Border.


March 19 Monday

We woke up to cloudy and cold weather but the forecast was improved, temperatures in the 50s today with no rain. Anything was better than yesterday!

We walked to the stadium and got something to eat. Vargas was pitching and had a lousy outing. By 3pm it was only the 4th inning, we had brought in 3 pitchers, we hadn?t scored and the other team had scored a lot. We decided to leave so we could get ready to go see Sherm.

On the way the car warning light came on. We called Advantage en route, they told us to come by and get a replacement.

Sherm and Linda had rented a place in Mesa, we got to the gate where we gave the attendant our name but he didn?t have us on the list. Sherm had thought when I said Scott and I were coming that it was my brother Scott. The attendant called Sherm, we got it straightened out and found their place without a problem. They rented the house with another couple, but even with 2 couples, the rent was really high. It?s beautiful though, nice enclosed backyard patio, they have rabbits, lots of birds and I think deer. There are also citrus trees where they can pick fruit.

Sherm took us to supper at the Village Inn, we had a really nice visit. On the way back to our hotel we went by the airport to exchange the car.


March 20 Tuesday

The sun is shining! Temperatures are supposed to be in the 70s, there are no clouds in the sky. The game today is at Goodyear Stadium, the home field for the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds. The Mariners are playing the Reds today. We arrived early so we walked around outside the stadium to look at some of the desert flowers and cactus. We bought lunch in the stadium; our seats are on the Cincinnati side which is nice for a change. We get to see hitters from the other side. Kevin Milwood pitched a good game, the Mariners won 8-1.

We walked to Fox and Hound for supper, it?s a sports bar. We thought the Huskies had a game today so I texted Brooks, he is in NY for business. It is warmer in NY than Phoenix ? go figure. We watched part of the Husky game then walked back to the hotel, watched the end of the game which they won, then packed to leave for Tucson in the morning.


March 21 Wednesday

We left for Tucson......

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