2009 - Waldo Lake, Oregon

by Scott  

Vacation at Waldo Lake in Oregon ? Mosquito Lake would have been an appropriate name


Waldo Lake is a lake in the Cascade Mountains and part of the Waldo Lake Wilderness Area. It is the second largest natural non-alkali lake in Oregon with more than 10 square miles of water and a maximum depth of 420 feet. This makes Waldo the second deepest lake in the state after Crater Lake. Like Crater Lake, Waldo Lake is ultra-oligotrophic (having extremely clear water with very little organic material). The elevation is 5,414 feet.







August 3, 2009




0620 -  We?re on the road; the plan is to take I-90 to I-405 to Hgwy 167 to 410 to I-5. It?s a beautiful day; we stopped in Centralia at the Country Cousin for breakfast. They?re known for their flat cakes (huge) plus they have chickens and a rooster penned up off the front entrance.







1130 -   We?re at milepost 240; we stopped at a rest area, got coffee, walked and watered Max. The gentleman at the coffee stand said the campground we are going to stay at is really nice. There are good trails, nice campsites and mainly sailboats on the lake, very few motorized boats. Nice view of Mt Pitska (sp).







1230 -  We stopped at Pleasant Hill for lunch at Subway.







1430 -  Arrived at the campground, it?s a mosquito haven!!. There was no one at the ?host? campsite, our site was in the ?F? loop so we just drove over there. Max immediately disappeared, we found him in the water digging up rocks. Out site was about 100 feet from the lake. The lake itself was very clean, clear and not too cold.




The first thing we did was to locate the mosquito repellant and cover ourselves with it, then we set up the tent and canopy.




We gathered some kindling and wood and again couldn?t find Max. He was back in the water so Scott hung a line from tree to tree and hooked up Max.




We cooked pork chops and corn for supper. There was a cool breeze so our food cooled off fairly quickly.




The mosquitos were on on-going battle, we took a walk around and found several marshy areas which we figured explained the number.







August 4, 2009




0730 -  We got up, Scott had a restless sleep. Me, I slept like a log. We made breakfast which was coffee (tastes so good when camping) and oatmeal with cranberries. We?re going to do the Twin Peaks hike today.




1030 -  At the trailhead, it?s just under 2 miles to the junction with the PCT, but we didn?t make it there. We turned back because Max was having trouble with his left shoulder and my left knee was painful. We drove to Crescent City to get ice, more bug spray and oil for cooking. We stopped at the Bobby Lake trailhead on the way back and hiked 2 miles in to Bobby Lake. Very beautiful, serene and quiet.




1830 -  We made chicken and broccoli for supper. Scott felt light headed, supper helped. We added some salt when we were cooking as he?d been sweating pretty heavily during the hike.




We both slept soundly that night.







August 5, 2009




0800 - We had the same breakfast as the day before. Our like today left from out campsite. We started out around the lake in a clockwise direction ? lots of mosquitos, there were some very nice sandy beaches where Max got in the water. It was beautiful looking across the lake, calm with no boat traffic. We hiked 4 miles to the Lillian Falls trailhead. We had lunch there and rested ? we had planned to hike to the falls but it was another 2 steep miles so we chose not to. We headed back, Max kept stopping and panting along the way, Scott gave him water but he wouldn?t drink. When we came to the turnoff to Klovdahl Bay which was 0.3 miles, we hiked down so Max could get in the water to cool down. There is an informative sign that talks about the attempt from 1908-1913 build a tunnel through the mountain which would drain water from the lake to be used for irrigation in the Willamette Valley ? the project was never finished but the remains of the work can be seen.




Max got in the water and cooled down, drank some water and we started back to our camp site. It started to sprinkle on the way back.




We made tuna steaks and corn for supper and ate under the shelter of the canopy. Scott was less tired than the day before, Max was exhausted since we?d hiked between 8-9 miles. We scavenged for some firewood, built a camp fire and made smores to have with tea.







We went to bed earlier, just did some reading. The temperature has been cooler each night we?ve been at the campground.







August 6, 2009




It was raining hard when we woke and got progressively heavier. The sky looked pretty socked in. We tried to pick up a weather station on the wind-up radio but no luck. We listened to Rap music for a while hoping the weather might improve or we?d hear a weather report but no lunch there either. We ate breakfast with no let-up in the rain or signs of clearing so we decided to pack up and leave.




11:15 -  We?re on our way, everything is soaked, including us. The backseat is full of quickly packed supplies so Max is in the front with not much room. It was really foggy on the road, slow traffic with lots of trucks.




We stopped at Pleasant Hill for lunch then drove the final leg of our trip home.

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